Scorum Network 2.0

Official Scorum Whitepaper, last updated May 2024

Scorum launched its groundbreaking token sale back in 2018, operating on the Graphene blockchain – a detailed exploration of which can be found in our original white paper.

Fast forward to 2024, Scorum has evolved into a dynamic Layer-1 blockchain powered by Cosmos. This strategic shift marks a new era for Scorum, positioning it as a cornerstone in the gaming and entertainment sectors. Scorum stands out as a comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing a variety of live projects that cater to a wide audience. At its core, the ecosystem includes:

  • Aviatrix: Award-winning NFT based crash-game

  • Scorum Blogging Platform: A hub for content creators to share insights and engage with a global audience.

  • Scorum Wallet: Secure and user-friendly, enabling seamless transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Scorum Explorer: Providing transparent and real-time access to blockchain activities.

  • ScorumBet: Online betting on sporting events without commission fees.

Central to Scorum's ecosystem is the SCR token, the vital component that facilitates and drives all interactions across the platform. As we embrace our integration with Cosmos in 2024, Scorum is poised to offer enhanced scalability, interoperability, and a host of new products.

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